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  11Attach v.①(to)缚上,系上,贴上;②使依附,使隶属,使依恋;③附加,附带;④把~放在

  【真题例句】 A survey of news stories in 1996 reveals that the anti-science tag has been attached (①) to many other groups as well, from authorities who advocated the elimination of the last remaining stocks of smallpox virus to Republicans who advocated decreased funding for basic research.[1998年阅读3]

  【例句精译】 1996年对新闻报道的调查表明,反科学的标签也贴在了许多其他群体身上,这些人包括从提倡消灭所有现存的天花病毒的官方人士到倡议削减基础研究基金的共和党人。

  【真题例句】 They (particularly Quebec and Alberta) just want Ottawa to fork over additional billions with few, if any, strings attached (③).[2005年新题型]

  【例句精译】 这些官员(尤其是魁北克省和阿伯塔省)只希望政府当局额外出钱, 如有可能,还会附带条件。 【真题例句】 The modern school that hails technology argues that such masters as Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, and inventors such as Edison attached (④) great importance to, and derived great benefit from, craft information and technological devices of different kinds that were usable in scientific experiments.[1994年翻译]

  【例句精译】 推崇技术的现代学派认为,像伽利略、牛顿、麦克斯Τ、爱因斯坦这样的大师以及像爱迪生这样的发明家都非常重视科学实验中使用的不同技术信息和技术设施,并从中受益颇深。

  12contend v.①竞争,斗争;②坚决主张,声称,认为

  【真题例句】 It is the playgoers, the RSC contends (②), who bring in much of the town’s revenue because they spend the night (some of them four or five nights) pouring cash into the hotels and restaurants.[2006年阅读2]

  【例句精译】 皇家莎士比亚公司(RSC)声称是看戏的人给小镇带来了大部分收入,因为他们整个晚上(有时甚至是四、五个晚上)都把钱花到旅馆和饭店上。

  13Cook n.炊事员,厨师;v.①烹调,煮,烧;②α造

  【真题例句】 If we intend to have friends to dinner, we plan the menu, make a shopping list, decide which food to cook (n.①)

  14beam ①(横)梁,桁条;②(光线的)束,柱;v.①微笑;②发光

  【真题例句】 Our magazines feature beaming (v.①) celebrities and happy families in perfect homes.[2006年阅读4]

  【例句精译】 我们的杂志突出刊登满面春风的名人和美满幸福的家庭。

  15cement n.①水泥;②胶泥,胶接剂;v.①胶合;②巩固,加强

  【真题例句】 Egypt’s leadership in the Arab world was cemented (v.②) by the Aswan High Dam.[1998年阅读1]

  【例句精译】 埃及在阿拉伯世界的领导地λ因阿斯旺大坝而得以巩固。

  16Chair n.①椅子;②主席(职λ);vt.主持,担任

  【真题例句】 “It’s your dream,” says Rosalind Cartwright, chair (n.②) of psychology at Chicago’s Medical Center,“If you don’t like it, change it.”[2005年阅读3]

  【例句精译】 芝加哥医疗中心心理部主任Rosalind Cartwright指出“这是你的梦,你不喜欢它,你可以改变它”。

  【真题例句】 Declaring that he was opposed to using this unusual animal husbandry technique to clone humans, he ordered that federal funds not be used for such an experiment — although no one had proposed to do so — and asked an independent panel of experts chaired (vt.) by Princeton President Harold Shapiro to report back to the White House in 90 days with recommendations for a national policy on human cloning.[1999年阅读4]

  【例句精译】 他宣称反对利用这种非同寻常的畜牧学技术去克?人,并下令禁止使用联邦资金做这样的实验——尽管还?有人提出那样的要求——并责令成立一个由普林斯顿大学校长哈罗德?夏皮罗为首的独立专家小组,在90天内拿出有关克?人的国策建议,向白宫汇报。

  17climate n.①气候;②风气,社会思潮

  【真题例句】 The flight from overcrowdedness affects the migration from snow belt to more bearable climates (①).[1998年阅读4] 【例句精译】 逃离人口过度稠密区的做法改变了以前那种离开寒冷地带去气候宜人之地的趋势。

  【真题例句】 When the work is well done, a (43:climate) (②) of accident-free operations is established (44:where) time lost due to injuries is kept at a minimum.[1999年完形]

  【例句精译】 如果此项工作做得好的话,就会形成无事故作业的好风气,因此那儿的因工伤事故所造成的时间损失就会被控制在最低限度。

  18Code n.①代码,代号,密码;②法典,法规,规划

  【真题例句】 Native American languages are indeed different, so much so in fact that Navajo could be used by the US military as a code (①) during World War II to send secret messages.[2004年翻译]

  【例句精译】 美洲的土著语言是如此地“与众不同”,甚至美军在第二次世界大战中用土著语言Navajo发送密码。

  【真题例句】 (49) But his primary task is not to think about the moral code (②), which governs his activity, any more than a businessman is expected to dedicate his energies to an exploration of rules of conduct in business. [2006年翻译]

  【例句精译】 (49) 但是,普通科学家的主要任务并非思考指导其行为的道德规范,正如我们并不指望商人把精力投入到商业行为的探索一样。

  19column n.①圆柱,柱状物;②列;③(报刊中的)专栏

  【真题例句】 “The test of any democratic society,” he wrote in a Wall Street Journal column (③), “lies not in how well it can control expression but in whether it gives freedom of thought and expression the widest possible latitude, however disputable or irritating the results may sometimes be.”[1997年阅读4]

  【例句精译】 他在《华尔街日报》一篇专栏文章中写道:“对任何一个民主社会的检验标准不在于它能多有效地压制各种情感的表达,而在于是否给予了人们思考和表达的最广泛的自由,尽管有时这种结果会引起争论和愤怒。”

  【真题例句】 Like other human beings, he encounters moral issues even in everyday performance of his routine duties--- he is not supposed to cook (n.②) his experiments, manufacture evidence, or doctor his reports. [2006年翻译]

  【例句精译】 像其他人类一样,普通科学家甚至在?天日常的工作中都遭遇到了道义上的问题——他不应该α造他的实验、制造证据或改动他的报告。

  20 Coverage n.①新闻报导(范Χ);②保险项目

  【真题例句】 With the start of BBC World Service Television, millions of viewers in Asia and America can now watch the Corporation’s news coverage (①), as well as listen to it.[1996年阅读2]

  【例句精译】 随着BBC(英国广播公司)全世界电视节目的开播,亚洲和美洲的数以百万计的人不仅可以听到它的新闻广播,而且也能看到它的电视新闻报道了。





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